Linux Administration

Linux Administration

& This operator allows you to run commands in the background of your terminal. && This operator allows you to combine multiple commands together in one line of your terminal.
This operator is a redirector - meaning that we can take the output from a command (such as using cat to output a file) and direct it elsewhere.
This operator does the same function of the > operator but appends the output rather than replacing (meaning nothing is overwritten). ls -lh: file permissions
python3 -m http.server scp, wget, curl ps aux ip a top kill %pid systemctl start Ctrl + Z: background process &: background process fg: bring to foreground cron/crontabs Get user's shell: grep "^$USER" /etc/passwd Get current linux version: cat /etc/os-release View Message of the Day (MOTD): sudo nano /etc/motd // cat /etc/update-motd.d/00-header SSH keys are stored in this directory by default: ~/. ssh/id_rsa

Get Public IP


Get Bash History

navigate to home directory cat .bash_history

Show user id and current user

id whoami

Search a file for a keyword

grep 'word' filename

Rerun last command as sudo

sudo !!
cd ~ cd
base_64 decode openssl_decrpt